-6AN TOOL / KOUL TOOLS for Stainless Fuel or Oil Lines




Since the invention of stainless braided rubber hose, racers
and mechanics have been fighting the problem of installing it into the
socket part of the assembly. If your lucky and get a clean cut on the
end of that hose, you might get it in. Most of the time a little fuzz
appears on the hose end and the battle begins. It is not only time
consuming, it can get bloody. KOUL tools has delivered a solution that
makes the assembly a snap. Manufactured of a high tech composite, it is
virtually indestructible. No need to worry about vise marks or wearing
out. Just insert the socket into the tool, twist the hose in, and in
less than 10 seconds you have it assembled. You can repeat this several
times without recutting the hose end. The tool can pay for itself the
first time you don't have to scrap some hose because it got too short
trying to clean up the end. You'll be amazed at the amount of time
you'll save. After using this tool, you will say to yourself, "KOUL".

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