12V AC Generator : Pre-unit Triumph, Tiger 100, 6T Thunderbird, 5T Speed Twin, Ariel Fieldmaster KG & KH





Suitable for any Pre-unit Triumph, Tiger 100, 6T Thunderbird,
5T Speed Twin.

Also fits Ariel Fieldmaster KG and KH

Supplied with regulator/rectifier

The set does not includes the drive gear. Use the original gear, available separately if needed.

Alton 12 volt A.C. generators replace the 3 inch dynamos fitted on British classic and vintage motorbikes. While running at moderate cruising speeds they supply an output of 85 to 90 watts (maximum output of 150 watts) they supply sufficient energy to have lighting that conforms to modern expectations, coil ignition if you want it and a well-charged battery. A considerable upgrade from the factory 6 volt Lucas D.C. E3 dynamo which were rated at 40 watts (E3H) to 60 watts (E3L).
Using permanent magnet brushless technology, Alton has created a maintenance-free, easy-to-fit solution to the problems associated with dynamos. No more flashing the field to restore pole shoe magnetism.

We supply with instructions and wiring diagrams. The rectifier-regulators can be connected for negative or positive earth systems. The Alton is designed to run with the supplied regulator and with a battery.

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