BAKER / 4-Speed Top Cover Assembly Shift System


SHIFT SYSTEM: FL Cover & Shift System
Finish: Raw


We understand the love affair with your vintage motorcycle, there’s nothing like putting authentic, vintage styled components on your nostalgic bike. That’s why BAKER has taken the time to reinvent the 4 Speed Top Covers. The BAKER billet aluminum (6061-T6) top covers come with a linear detent system for that smooth reliable shift quality you have come to expect.

The shift drum starts life as a solid chunk of steel; we machine in all the features, then we remove the unnecessary material. Two Teflon coated bushings are pressed into the drum for smooth rotation during shifts. Our top covers come in FL, FX or N1 for the Ratchet Top Cover.

All Ratchet top covers fit 1952-1979 H-D 4-Speeds & BAKER 4-Speed applications

Carved out of billet aircraft grade 6061-T6
– Billet Shift Drums with Permaglide bushing
– Hard anodized backing plate (Ratchet Top Covers Only)
– Stainless steel, T303 engraved detent cap
– Linear detent for smooth positive shifting
– Hidden vent system
– 2 Year limited warranty

Top Cover
BAKER 4 speed top covers are designed for that vintage appeal yet function like a modern masterpiece. All top covers are designed for the fork rod to be captured through 1-side of the top cover. The stock covers have a O-ring on the end of the shaft which sticks out and could potentially leak over time.

Each top cover has a linear roller ball detent plunger for smooth consistent shifts. The linear detent consists of a 11/32″ primary ball bearing that is cradled by, and rolls on, 60 secondary micro ball bearings. In turn the cradle is part of the plunger that actuates during shifting and is guided by a tertiary linear 24 micro ball bearing system.

Vent System
All 4-Speed top covers have a hidden vent system which allows the transmission to breathe. Machined into the internal walls of the billet top cover, the breathing system flows through the ratchet cavity and out through the shift cover. 


Ratchet Shift Drum Options
We manufacture 3 shift drums for the Ratchet Top; the FX & FL types with conventional shift patterns and N1 style. Put an FX drum on a FL tranny and stomp down on the shift lever to upshift. Same thing if you put a FL drum on a FX tranny. The N1 drum takes the FX pattern and relocates neutral down below 1st for a N-1-2-3-4 pattern as an alternative to the standard 1-N-2-3-4 pattern. Great for foot clutch and performance applications.

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