BAKER Shift Lever '86-'18 5-Speed Harley BT & Big Dog Models (No Dyna)


PN: 33849-07HD-A : For Stock '86-'21 BT HD applications


Known to fail, BAKER took the all-too-common-looking stock shifter and improved it in every way with a new design. The most common issue with the stock transmission shift lever is stripped out splines or a broken cross section. BAKER improved the design of the splines, to prevent stripping, and a thicker cross section offers a stronger overall design.

PN 33849-07HD-A fits: 1986-2018 Stock Big Twin HD applications

PN 33715-85SA-A fits: BAKER DD5, BAKER DD6, BAKER OD6, BAKER DD7, BAKER GrudgeBox, or anything with a BAKER shifter pawl 303L Stainless Steel Investment Cast Thicker cross section offer greater strength in all direction over stock.

Meaning increased durability and longer life Broached splines that will not strip out Comes show polished standard Includes polished stainless steel pinch bolt

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