Black, Red or Clear Magneto Key Switch Cover


Neoprene Gasket: None
Cap Cover: Black


Key Cap Magneto Switch Cover. Choose Black, Red or Clear!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Clear Mag Cover

Clear cap looks cool. Key is tiny and kind of annoying. Had to cut off one side of the key off to clear the fin on an 84" jug. Putting this key on a key ring? Forget it.

You don't just turn they key to "on" and then start the bike...

Process is:

Put key in, turn key 45º, kick over bike, while it's running -turn they key the rest of the way to 90º position and then REMOVE the key, then go for a ride (and hope your key didn't fall out of your pocket). Stupid IMO, but I get why they do it that way.

I'd recommend wiring an actual key switch somewhere else and save the dough. Not really worth the extra cash for the additional pain in the ass.

It is neat though and not many people have them- so I guess that's cool.

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