CHAIN TENSIONER Sprocket Adjustable Weld-On - Left or Right Side


Model: Left-Side


This chain tensioner fits 530 chains, has a 15 tooth idler sprocket, and features a steadfast sealed bearing. The heavy-duty weld-on bracket is slotted for tension positioning to handle the excess slack; a common problem on stretched bikes. Comes with a 5/8" x 2.5" bolt w/ lock washer and nut, 1/2" SS spacer, 1/8" Counter bore for paint or powder coat clearance. 1 1/8" between center of sprocket and center of frame. The weld-On bracket is solid and about 1/2" thick! so a good welder is needed. Pictures do this monster no justice; its just about one of the coolest tensioners on the market. If you do not care for automatic spring tensioning and have a more traditional do it yourself ethos; this is the tensioner of choice. This is left side mounting.

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