Fork Tubes 35MM-49MM Hard Chrome : Choose Model


49MM Tube Size: 23.5"
41MM Tube Size: 20.25"
39MM Tube Size: 22.25"


For over 30 years we have been manufacturing extension
fork tubes. We start with DOM 1026 steel tubing that is ordered
specially from a tubing mill. Then we centerless grind the outside
diameter to OEM specifications and also machine the rest of the tube to
exact ID specs. We buff the material to a mirror finish and chrome plate
the final product to a show chrome finish. This is a product that we
are very familiar with and we cover every Harley-Davidson fork tube
model all the way back to 1949. We maintain a large inventory and offer
sizes from 4 under stock FL to 20 over stock FL


39MM fork
tubes for 1987-93 and 1994 to current Sportsters, FXR, FXLR, Dyna's, & Custom

1.312" for 57-72 XL or Custom

35MM for 73-75 FX (Kayaba), 75-83 FX (Showa), 84-86 Sportster, FX, FXR, FXRT, FXSB, or Custom

41MM for Wide Glides 49-76 Fl, 77-84 FXWG/FXST, 80-83 FXWG/FXST, 84-99 FL, FLST, FXST, & 2000+ Fl,FLST,FXST,FXDW


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