Peg Insert Material: Aluminum


Here we have an original custom set of pegs made here at Seven Sins Choppers for modern Sportster models that have that weird offset on the peg mount. So now you can order up our foot pegs rubber grips and slide them on these custom alloy peg inserts. We machine these from solid chunks of aluminum because it is light-weight and strong and they look great under our custom made grips. They are all 7/8"OD and around 4" long. These pegs will save you the headache of machining down your stock set-up and they will also save you some money from buying the over-priced NON-USA conversion peg mount kits that some vendors offer. We went through the trouble of machining these custom peg inserts for our customers out there who want the best looking and best performance parts available especially when it comes to mounting our custom foot pegs. Made in USA with Pride!

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