In-Stock Peg: MF Blutonium Standard



Our Galaxy Grip SHORTY toe shifters are about 2-3/16" long and have the same classic ribbing as our grips in the same durable material. These are sold individually.

IN-STOCK are units that we have in stock that need minimal processing before shipping. Usually our items are custom made with significant production periods. You can now order these in stock units to save on production time.

You can still choose your length, size, and insert thread options as usual. There is still some production time on the toe pegs but these in-stock units process much faster than a custom order as the rubber grip itself is already made.

Standard Size = .75" OD
Monster Size = 1" OD

MF - Semi-Transparent with Colored Rubber w/ Silver Flake Dose
TS - Semi-Transparent with Colored Rubber w/ No Flake
UFO - Saturated Colored Flake Mostly Opaque
UFO 6040 - Same as UFO w/ Black Flake Added

UFO 6040-LT - Same as UFO w/ Black Flake but with a Light Semi-Transparent Flake Dose. You can see the bars through this series and they look super cool on black bars.

UFO FADER - Same as UFO in Two Colors

PEARL - Saturated Pearl Mostly Opaque
SOLID - Solid Colored Rubber Mostly Opaque
BLEM - Grips w/ Minor Specs or Random Anomalies


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