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These custom Seven Sins Choppers SUPER 8's are quality AMERICAN made POLISHED STAINLESS drag bars with proper center clearance with
smooth bends. You no longer need to worry about paint or issues associated with chrome. If you scuff up these bars you can easily buff them back out. The bar has a 30 degree bend radius and 8" center riser area. These will fit your risers nicely!

Each of our custom stainless SUPER 8's Internal Throttle Drag Bars are already pre-machined and bored to accept the Exile Internal Throttle we sell. The bar has a center slot for the wire to exit smoothly. The internal throttle will allow you to drop your chunky throttle housing to provide smooth performance and clean bars. Our Galaxy Grips also fit perfectly over the Exile throttle. This set up will use a standard Harley grip configuration with a left-side 1" clutch and right-side 1.125" throttle grip.
Some drum sanding will be required to fit the internal throttle as it is bored slightly undersized for universal throttle applications. The bore gets you to where you need to be faster.

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