KICKER COVER S&S Vintage Reproduction 1940-86 Big Twins




The 00 cover has no part number or date code. It was created with the custom application in mind where authenticity isnt a must or polishing or other finish is desired.

These covers are as close to original as you can get without actually stealing one from a factory museum bike! Externally authentic to the smallest detail, yet improved with new technology inside!

Boss imperfections in the casting have been meticulously duplicated to represent the casting capabilities of the era, but thats where we draw the line, these covers are cast in 356-T6 aluminum, and 100% CNC machined to achieve the quality standards S&S is known for.

The inside of the cover is an all new design. Additional material has been added around the kicker boss for strength and stability. A single bushing used for complete oiling. A stealthy modern small diameter seal is hidden after assembly. No more outer dry bearing seizures!
  • Authentic detailing in cover casting
  • Updates and improvements eliminate problems of original covers
  • Utilizes your stock hardware and filler plug, gasket included
  • Heavy duty kicker boss with single bushing
  • 1940-86 Big Twins

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