MANIFOLD S&S Conversion Kit Sportster '86-'03 Evolution #16-1650




The S&S manifold conversion kit is also available to upgrade the
intake system on stock Sportster models. Owners of 1986 - 2003
Sportster models with the stock "rubber" manifold, can upgrade to an
S&S rigid aluminum manifold and eliminate intake leaks due to
cracks, and loss of sealing at high rpm due to manifold flex. Since the
S&S manifold conversion kit is intended to replace the intake
system on stock engines, the manifold provided in the kit is machined to
the correct length for a stock displacement engine. The manifold
included in the conversion kit is the same one used in S&S Super B
and E carb kits and is machined with a 1-7/8" throat diameter. This
manifold can be used with S&S Super B and Super E carburetors as
well as stock carburetors with a two bolt mounting pattern. In addition
to the manifold, the kit includes front and rear manifold mounting
flanges, manifold o-rings, and aluminum spacer shims. Fits 1986 - '03
Harley-Davidson Sportster models with stock, 4.650", length cylinders
and S&S ES, Super B, Super E, Tillotson, Bendix, and Keihin

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