MF/TS - 7MM Ignition Wire - Universal Kits


MF/TS COLORS: Nebula Gold
Silver Flake Dose: Standard Flake
90 Degree Spark Plug Connection: Rodder Clip


Seven Sins Chopper "GALAXY PLUG WIRE" are made from high quality durable, semi-flexible, UV resistant rubber in modern suppression core or copper core. The MF/TS wires are made in a plethora of custom semi-transparent colors. These are a super cool way to finish off your custom. Each universal kit comes with two 90 degree spark plug boots pre-assembled and 2 straight shorty coil boots & 2 straight terminals. The boots fit 5/8-34" coil ports.
7-10 day production period minimum before shipping. All grips are handmade to order. Made in USA at SEVEN SINS CHOPPERS.

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