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The NOISE ISO Web Plate is an original ultra low profile plate that helps provide vibration damping, grip, and temperature control when used on a tabletop or when stacking units.

We originally made these for placing between Universal Audio's Apollo Desktop series of units and their UAD Satellites. We found many other uses for them like placing under Apple Mac Mini's, Rupert Neve Designs RNHP, Surfy Industries Reverb Units (use 2), external hard-drive units, and small monitors. It can also be used to protect your desktop or amp head surface from guitar/bass pedals and under a small guitar cab microphone stand for some extra height and vibration damping. We also offer custom inserts so you can stack the Iso Web Plates for further height and damping.

The 4 corners each have rubber inserts which provide protection and a non-slip grip on the bottom and top. You can use a single plate on the bottom to elevate your device for greater space and air flow to keep it cooler and you can also use a plate between devices to do the same. When you stack devices like 2 Mac Mini's or 2 UAD Apollo's right on top of each other they all heat each other up and the units can get super hot. The iso plate greatly reduces the heat build up and keeps the units from moving or slipping and they look great doing it. These are sold individually.

Test Data:
Our test data have shown a significant decrease in unit temperature.
Our UAD Apollo & UAD Satilitles were running around 120-125.7 Degrees Fahrenheit.
After installing the Noise Web Plate the temperatures dropped to around 97-106 Degrees Fahrenheit. If you want further heat dissipation or air flow, you can double stack the NOISE plate with the NOISE insert kit (Coming Soon). The affecting factors would be room temperature, which units are being stacked, and also the space around the units.

This information is from UADS website:

You may notice that Apollo Desktop gets warm after long periods of use. While this is normal and nothing to be alarmed about, there are a few things to take into consideration when using the unit that will help avoid potential issues. 


When installing the unit in any location, be sure that there is adequate ventilation. Improper ventilation will cause overheating and can damage the unit. The unit should sit level on its four rubber feet and be placed far enough away from other objects that the air vents on its chassis are not blocked. 


The unit should be situated away from heat sources, or other equipment that produces excessive heat. If you work in a particularly hot or humid environment, consider cooling your workspace to avoid excessive heat buildup from your equipment. 

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