Replica Knucklehead 30 Rake Frame




Knucklehead frame is an authentic reproduction of the factory style bull neck frames.

Forged parts included in the construction are the neck,
front and rear motor mounts, side car loops, yoke and rear axle plates.
The 30 neck angle will accept offset spring forks. Top cross member
across rear legs is brazed as on original Knucklehead frames. Seat post
is included. Seat post bushings, mechanical brake cross shaft bushings,
correct tool box mount, and grease fittings are installed.
Manufacturer's Statement of Origin is supplied.

**NOTE: Seat post and cross shaft bushings
may require further reaming for proper fit. Frames will
not be accepted for any returns.

*Note: UPS may consider this part as
packaged "oversize" for shipment, as compared to the actual weight,
which will result in higher shipping costs.

*NOTE: There are no serial
numbers stamped on the replica frame. The MFG supply's a Bill of Sale
only referencing the part number.

Note: This item can only be shipped to lower 48 states or Canada by ground only. It cannot be shipped to any other locations.

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