SPX2L BLUE Capacitor Battery Eliminator 2 Wire : Triumph Norton BSA XS650




This is a SPX BLUE capacitor battery eliminator. You can use this with a battery to help
with start up or remove the battery and install this in line where the battery would be to eliminate the battery. This will produce enough spark to start your bike and your single phase (two wire) stator will produce enough power to run your bike and lights. (replaces Lucas capacitor 2MC part number 54170009)

Installation Advice /// Notice that the 2 terminals are the same. The black screw terminal is Negative and the red terminal screw is Positive. On stock bikes the terminals that plug on are sized so they can't be reversed. You will need to change the stock female spade connectors to open eyelets. If you try to reverse the polarity BOOM! Connecting a cap backward causes it to explode! On custom bikes it is not an issue. They are marked for

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