Tech Cycle 5/6-speed Pre-'07 Contoured 2" or 3" Open Primary Belt Drive System




Love the look of our standard Twister electric start kit but need the strength that only a one-piece motorplate can provide? Look no further -- the Contoured Series 5/6-Speed motorplates fit the bill perfectly. Designed from the ground up to complement our Cyclone Primary Drive, the 5/6-Speed Contoured motorplates offer an exciting, fresh new look in the world of primary belt drive systems. The Contoured Series 5/6-Speed motorplates enhance the look of just about any style of bike you may have, and are available for multiple years and applications in a fully polished finish.

*Offset Note*
Front pulley offsets are for the mismatches between motors and transmissions being used . If you are running a pre '65 or 65-69 motor; an offset will be required. These primarys start with 1/4" and go to 1 1/2" increments of 1/4". Tapered offset inserts are available in 0, 1/4", 1/2" and 3/4". An offset may also be required if your frame calls out for it or if you are using a fat tire kit.

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