TONEWHEEL BOOST is a dynamic and transparent booster which makes your tone much bigger!

TONEWHEEL BOOST adds more power but does not alter the natural tone or dynamic of your guitar and amp. It offers smart, "hands-free" gain control and a unique skateboard-based design.

If you love your guitar and your amp, and need to drive it harder with no change in character of tone, then ToneWheel Boost is the pedal for you! The result is real tube distortion, true tone that is harmonically rich and dynamic.
You will have full control over the gain and distortion by your using guitar's volume control.

Music has always been involved in the world of skateboarding since its earliest history!
The counterculture of skateboarding is known for its wide variety musical styles. We love skateboarding, and we always loved the art on the bottom of skateboard decks. It is very underrated form of pop art and we really wanted to show and reincarnate this beauty in a marriage of art, engineering and design.
Numerous scratches writes the story of the rider and each deck is unique! We actually use real skateboards with natural distress of the skaters and introduce these genuine unique facets to a distinctive faceplate for each pedal. Therefore, each pedal is a very one-of-a-kind treasure with its own personality.
Each ToneWheel pedal also uses the skateboard wheel as main control of the super-clean yet powerful boost. This is the clever way we allow the user to engage with intuitive and creative control of the pedal on stage, practicing, or just having fun jamming out!


    It is the main control of the pedal. This rotary controller is equipped by special massive knob which in fact is skateboard wheel and allows to set gain of the pedal by your foot, during playing.
    Gain setting ranges from unity gain (1:1) to +23dB of gain. At all settings, it retains natural the sonic clarity and warmth for natural tube overdrive.
    The knob is massive, yet it covers the potentiometer. You can be aggressive but be mindful to exercise caution at minimum and maximum positions. Over-turning the knob by too much foot pressure, forcing it past its start/stop points may cause damage to the potentiometer.

    On the right side is small toggle switch which select between two main modes: FULL RANGE boost and 808 boost.
    In FULL RANGE mode the pedal amplifies whole frequency range, makes your tone bigger and warmer.
    In 808 mode the pedal works in very similar range as the most popular setting of famous Tubescreamers: Imagine that green beast set with Volume on maximum and Overdrive set very low. It gives a characteristic mid hump and subtle cut of bass. This is the magic found in popular and functional boosters that sound like a great, high gain tube amp. The key difference of the ToneWheel Boost is that is doesn't sound squashed and compressed like many other overdrive pedals.

    TONEWHEEL BOOST uses passive tone control. It is designed to have no effect at full clockwise setting and it cuts highs for a mellower and warmer tone in full counter clockwise.
    This was designed very carefully according to feedback of our first early-adopter artists, to increase variability of the pedal. We always incorporate the feedback of our great users out there in the real world, and don't rely only on our engineering and lab tests. This is a hallmark you will recognize in all Salvation products. By artists, for artists!

    This is a stomp switch that bypasses the pedal. TONEWHEEL BOOST uses True Bypass, so when it’s switched off the circuit is completely disconnected from the straight-through signal. Your guitar then goes straight to your amp, without any signal-loss or coloration. True Bypass is the only way to go, in a quality artisan product!

  • POWER:
    TONEWHEEL BOOST runs on 9V battery or a basic 9V DC power supply (current draw 39mA). Internally, it converts 9 volts to 15 volts resulting in more headroom and dynamic range. Do not attempt to power the TONEWHEEL BOOST by more than a 10V power supply.

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