XL Rear Chain Drive Kit XL '91-99




Transmission sprocket conversion kit is used to convert belt drive models to chain drive.

Kit features a 108 link chain (67.5") and 2.1:1 ratio
belt. Includes 22 tooth front sprocket and 48 tooth rear sprocket exact
as stock with special nut to accept sprocket. Kit will fit 1991-1999 XL
models. Spacers for both applications are included, use correct spacer
for specific year.

See listing in the 1991-UP XL chain drive conversion
chart for sprocket tooth count and offset. Small countershaft procket
will have lower tooth count, large countershaft sprocket will be higher.
Front sprocket lists 12.7mm offset, rear lists 9.8mm offset. Use the
1/16" shown on rear as listed for correct year.

XL 1991-1999

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