IN STOCK Air Cleaner - Seven Sins PORTED DEATH RAY DISH - Super E/G & CV & Modern Harley's - 4"


Model: Machine Satin Aluminum


THESE ARE IN STOCK UNITS. If there is no availability then you can custom order here.

Seven Sins Choppers New "DEATH RAY DISH" Air Cleaner is an original design that we machine from super thick solid stock aluminum. This model houses a stainless mesh or K&N washable exposed filter element for superior air flow and filtration. It comes with a stainless center mounting bolt. This is our 4" version with the holes around the outside edge. This Ported version takes an incredible amount of production time but the outcome is stunning. Made in USA.

Our Death Ray fits S&S Super E & Super G carburetors + Accepts Ultima R1 & R2 which have the Super E/G bolt pattern Air Filter assemblies.


The low profile mounting bolts are for flush mounting as the filter will interfere with standard stock allen head style screws. The stainless screws are 1/4"-20 thread.

Makes sure to blue loctite all threads!

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