In-Stock Galaxy Grips: 1" MF NEBULA GOLD


What is In STOCK?
This is a Seven Sins Choppers In Stock product. This product is ship
ready and limited to inventory.

We randomly remove options that are no longer available or you will see a slash through the option with a "Sold Out" notice. If this is the case and this is an item you would like then you can still make a custom order. Custom Order Link

If you see a PEG option then these are slightly shorter than the hand grips. If you need our peg inserts then please see this link. Peg Insert Link

1” - 1” & 1.125” ID Grips
7/8”  - 7/8” & 1” ID Grips
Dual - Same Sized ID
PEGS - Dual 7/8"

MF - Semi-Transparent with Colored Rubber w/ Silver Flake Dose
TS - Semi-Transparent with Colored Rubber w/ No Flake
UFO - Saturated Colored Flake Mostly Opaque
UFO 6040 - Same as UFO w/ Black Flake Added

UFO 6040-LT - Same as UFO w/ Black Flake but with a Light Semi-Transparent Flake Dose. You can see the bars through this series and they look super cool on black bars.

UFO FADER - Same as UFO in Two Colors

PEARL - Saturated Pearl Mostly Opaque
SOLID - Solid Colored Rubber Mostly Opaque
BLEM - Grips w/ Minor Specs or Random Anomalies

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