MOON Original Spinner Cap


Spinner Vent: Non-Vented MP609-1
Spinner Bung: Aluminum MPX607-2A


The MOON Original minuture Spinner Cap is similar to the vintage 50s style spinner cap but has only the raised letters for MOON. Designed to fit Chopper tanks and other small tanks with 1-1/2" bung. One piece, solid cast aluminum crisp finish and ready for use in vented or no vent form.

fits 1-1/2" diameter chopper bungs.

Made in USA

Select "VENTED" to order the Spinner Cap with brass vent (MP609-1V) that's located in the center of the spinner. (shown in image)
MP609-1 . . . . . Spinner Cap 
MP609-1V . . . . Spinner Cap w/vent

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