OPEN BELT PRIMARY Tech Cycle 1.5", 2" or 3"




Belt Drive:
Includes 47 tooth front pulley, 76 tooth rear
pulley, insert, nut, washer, and belt. Available with or without Cyclone clutch.

Add-On Cyclone Clutch:
as a direct replacement for '36-'84 Harley-Davidson clutch packs, this
Cyclone Drop-In Clutch is a massive improvement over your stock clutch.
With a huge increase in the clutch surface area and a double row hub
bearing, you get more horsepower to your rear wheel! Also fits
square-dog BDL and Primo applications

Please tell us in the supplied message field your bikes year, model, and motor type. We need this info because pre-1955 the front pulley had a tapered shaft and after it was splined. Also if you are getting the Cyclone Clutch then we will need to know if you have a splined or tapered transmission main-shaft.

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