1.75" Exhaust BAFFLE Turnout End Raw or Chrome / Sold Individually


Exhaust Turnout Finish: Raw Steel


Trick Turnout Silencer is a special made exhaust tip that not only points the exhaust direction away but also has a unique baffle which connects the tip to your pipe end. The baffles have 2 bolt sections which connect the 2 pipes. When bolted you can see the bolt which you can position out of site. You can also drill out a 1" wide stainless band to fashion over the area the 2 pipes butt up. The turnout has a small punch where you drill into so you will need to drill your pipe and the baffle for the supplied bolts. We do not recommend welding the turnout as the baffle can then not be removed for replacement or cleaning. Made to fit the ends of 1 3/4" tailpipes as found on most standard/stock Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Each sold separately. These pipes when installed add about 6.25" to your pipe end.

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