NOISE 42157 Dual Microphone Clip for MD 421-II & SM57




The 42157 by NOISE is a dual microphone recording clip engineered for the classic Sennheiser MD 421-II & the Shure SM57. If you record with these microphones then you know the value of this 2-part clip. The clip secures both mics and allow you to utilize the single stand that holds the MD 421-II. You can record each channel or blend both signals for a plethora of different tones. The clip holds the mics close together so you don't have to worry about phase issues!

You can use the 57 or 421 for mounting.  You can use the 421 mount clip or clip the 57 in as normal to a standard mic clamp. If you use the 57 mounting option then you can pivot the 42157 clip around 340 degrees and around 160 degrees in the other direction and then you also have your mic stand pivots. The 42157 clip is strong enough to hold both mics together utilizing either mount option.

The MD421 serves as a very nice dynamic compliment to the SM57. The 421’s reach extends further out (SM57 is very mid-oriented) and is more open in the
 lows and highs. When these mics are combined in the mix, it has fuller richer sound, especially on electric guitars. We are proud to be a part of recording studios globally. ~ NOISE

• Engineered for the MD 421-II & SM57
• Dual Microphone Recording w/o Phase Issues
• Durable Dual Clip system w/ Stainless Hardware
• Utilizes A Single Mic Stand
• Stellar for Guitar Amps & Drums & More
• Easy & Fast to Assemble
• Keeps Mics Clean & In Phase
• Designed & Manufactured by NOISE
* PLEASE NOTE The 42157 is usually made to order with production time.
Our custom 42157 is currently "MADE TO ORDER" as we keep selling out of stock. Production time is currently 2-3 weeks.

    Customer Reviews

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Jonathan Wall
    5 Stars

    The clip does the trick!


    Seriously this is the coolest freaking clamp for my guitar recording set-up. It not only looks awesome but I mount the clamp with the SM57 or the MD421 which is pretty cool. There is 0 phase and my guitar recordings have significantly improved. I don't have to fuss with multiple stands anymore! I love the 42157. I brought it into my friends professional recording studio and he ordered a few because he was so impressed. I will be buying again.

    Great product! Good Design!

    I received my 42157 yesterday.
    Great product! Good design, well built, and classy. It helped clean up the mess of stands in my studio a bit. I may get another if I can ever afford a spare 421 lol
    Obviously someone at your company is into sound, guitars or both!

    Martin Kompas
    Better than the duck tape solution

    Functional, elegant, perfect for pairing these two mics.

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