Here you can have SSC build your custom kit to order. Please make sure you have your lengths and boot/terminals correct!
You can choose many options here including standard 8MM Standard Automotive Wires or 16MM Monster Series.

These wires came to be from several years of making custom
wires..they kind of just evolved into these beast from an ever changing
and evolving motorcycle market that demands looks & performance and
Seven Sins Choppers desire to bring forth new original goods to help
bring our customers builds to that higher level. Our parts are sold
globally to garage builders, custom show builders up to Harley Davidson custom shops including car, truck & hotrod shops/enthusiast. All wire kits are handmade by us in California

These wires are ONLY available as
pre-built sets so they are Plug & Play. Each kit comes fully
assembled with
terminals, black boots and custom spark plug wire
There is a text box field provided for any relevant information needed
to create your custom including wires qualities and lengths.

LENGTH - We measure from terminal end to terminal end.

If you have a modern bike or an upgraded classic that has EFI or electronic ignition then you need suppression core. Older bikes or customs running stock points or magnetos need copper core. The Seven Sins automotive wires are available only in the UFO Metalflake, Pearl, or Solid Colors. These wires are ultra high temp and very flexible.

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