CLUTCH Primo Pro Kit for '36 to '84 Big Twins




Increases clutch area by more than 100%!!! Use with all belt drive or chain drive primaries, tin or aluminum, and any 4-speed transmission. Simple bolt-in installation converts your outdated coil spring clutch to a diaphragm spring function. A durable double-row ball bearing replaces the stock caged bearings, eliminating clutch grab & clutch hub side movement. Requires less hand effort at the handlebar, yet it delivers smooth hand control.

All the horsepower in the world is absolutely useless if you can't get it to the rear wheel. thousands upon thousands of performance-minded riders have chosen a Rivera-Primo Pro-Clutch kit to handle their power transfer chores. They rely on a pro clutch because it doesn't slip, whine or bog under the influence of high horsepower! The world-famous line of pro-clutches are easy to install, extremely serviceable and very user-friendly. They continue to be the industry standard for high performance clutches.

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