Throttle Choice: Black Alloy H/D Throttle Dual Cable Style


This service is for customers who would like our Galaxy Grip throttle side pre-assembled for a Harley-Davidson or custom internal style system. We do all the prep work on the sleeve and take your Galaxy Grip and secure it with a super adhesive. This service saves you time (a ton of other issues) and makes sure you have a clean professional secure install on a high quality throttle tube. So if you are purchasing a set of Galaxy Grips then you can add this service. The current throttle sleeves of choice are Joker Machine or Biltwell. The Joker & Biltwell sleeves are for dual set-ups but you can still use a single cable system as long as you fit it properly to your bike.

We usually recommend a new throttle sleeve when purchasing our Galaxy Grips. Many of the throttles on bikes are old and worn and have raised sharp ribs and diameter changes near the housings. These are all a major issues for our modern Galaxy Grips grips which are engineered for a super tight slip resistant grip. If you are going to put a nice set of high quality grips on your ride
then you should have a nice throttle tube to support them!

The "Service Only" option is for customers who have already added a full throttle kit in their order and want to just add the grip assembly.

The Biltwell 7/8 size is only available as a full throttle kit because the throttle tube itself is not available.

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