Shield Size: Size 1 ( XS-M )


Overview: Weve always believed the subtle details can
be some of the loudest statements you can make. Whether its spending an
extra hour smoothing a part to perfection on the Scotchbrite wheel,
hammering a microscopic detail into leather or dialing in your Gringo S
helmet by simply swapping out some hardware. These anodized aluminum
bits allow you to quietly personalize any Gringo S helmet.

Install Tips: Use blue Loctite when reinstalling the
shield. It will help prevent the screw from backing out and flying off
into the abyss. Also, make sure the indexing marks on the washers are
lined up with the plastic backing plate on the helmet. Just rotate the
collars until you feel them engage the backing plate. This will ensure
the best fit possible and make sure your shield maintains good

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