In Stock Wire Choice: UFO-6040 Gangsta Gold CC


IN STOCK are units that we have in stock that need minimal processing before shipping. Usually our items are custom made with significant production periods. You can now order these in stock units. Stock units are limited. If you prefer us make a fully assembled kit for you with the in stock wire then please contact us @ with your inquiry.

You can now order our Galaxy Plug Wire by itself for custom applications. Each custom wire comes in 20-21" lengths. This is the wire only with no boots ends or assembly. We do ship with install assembly instructions, some heat shrink and end pieces for assembly. Please read our install instructions. If you have questions then please use our contact form or email us at


CC - Copper Core
SC - Suppression Core


MF - Semi-Transparent with Colored Rubber w/ Silver Flake Dose
TS - Semi-Transparent with Colored Rubber w/ No Flake
UFO - Saturated Colored Flake Mostly Opaque
UFO 6040 - Same as UFO w/ Black Flake Added
UFO FADER - Same as UFO in Two Colors
PEARL - Saturated Pearl Mostly Opaque
SOLID - Solid Colored Rubber Mostly Opaque
BLEM - Grips w/ Minor Specs or Random Anomalies


Ultra High Temp:
"UHT" Stands for Ultra High Temp.
These wires we usually only make now for enclosed automotive engine applications as the wires can withstand very high temperature exposure. They are also softer and ultra flexible when compared to our standard material. The standard material has a bit more translucency. If you have a high temp application or need a set-up that requires very tight bends then the "UHT" is the way to go.

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