MOON 600 Series Fuel Tanks




Made in USA

600 Series Moon tanks are often used in the bed of Hot Rod pick-ups. You can choose the size of your tank based on the width of the bed. Mounting to the pick-up bed is easy with 2 bolts on each tank bracket. We can make a custom length tank upon request. As a fuel system and fuel tank specialist, MOON has created a line of fuel containers. Proven to be the most rugged through endurance, off-shore racing and punishing off-road racing, the MOON 600 series tanks are 10" in diameter 100" thick extruded aluminum bodies with metal spun aluminum ends. All tanks feature the MOON Sun Ray finish and Heli-arc welded by our certified welder. Moonza caps, fuel gauge sending units and tank brackets are sold separately.

3/4" Outlet on bottom and (2) 3/8" NPT returns on top 2-1/4" knurled vented cap. When ordering, please specify location of outlet in the message field.

NOTE: If other than standard size bungs are desired, be sure to state your preference in the message field.

Tanks are custom order and may take between 2-8 weeks in production.

Fuel sender can be installed for additional $125.00.
Please specify OHM rating in the message field.

Fuel cell foam can be installed with extra charge.
Chrome plated brass flip cap available separately.

Part numbers:
- MP600 (7 Gallon Tank 10" Dia x 24" Long)
- MP601 (10 Gallon Tank 10" Dia x 34" Long)
- MP614 (14 Gallon Tank 10" Dia x 46" Long)
- MP615 (15 Gallon Tank 10" Dia. x 48" Long)

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