MORRIS MAGNETO Indian Chief '36 Up, Scout '37 Up


Magneto Finish: Machined Billet
Cap Cover: Black
Kill Stud Location: Inside


IND Morris Magneto: Indian Chief '36 Up & Scout '37 Up.
For Indian Chief '36 Up, Scout '37 Up - Mount base fits over and clamps
to pipe above oil pump. Manually retards, auto advance. Only the mag
head moves on top; drive shaft is a floating link between the slotted
drive and the magneto's hex drive, thus eliminating bearing wear and
alignment problems.

Why a Magneto?

Simply put, a magneto makes a spark with the least engine drag ; it's direct drive from magnetism to high voltage,
instead of the inefficient 4 energy conversions in a battery-coil system. And unlike a coil, magneto spark increases
as RPMs increase. No wires connecting components means greater reliability and simplicity. Magnetos run independently
(no connection to your battery or charging system needed). Simple, powerful, clean and reliable.

Why a Morris?

Better by desig, Morris pioneered rare-earth magneto rotors ; proper design is critical, and only Morris delivers! All their magnetos have a retard feature for
easy starting, and the standard models are hot-sparking and competitively priced. Morris Magnetos
M5, G5, T5 and H5 models are impulse-coupled for an incredible spark under any condition, at any cranking speed with any size motor, stock
or radical, kick or electric start. They have designed and built one-off mags for some of the world's best known custom
builders, and have gone 322 mph on board the record breaking Easyrider Streamliner. They manufacture and stock a large
line of magnetos and accessories for
V-twin motorcycles. Unbeatable styling, and nobody backs their
products better!

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