MORRIS MAGNETO T5 -fits Twin Cam


Magneto Finish: Machined Billet
Cap Cover: Black
Drive Style: Gear Drive


Fully Automatic Morris Magneto for Twin Cam Harley-Davidsons ONLY Twin Cam magneto with our Impulse Coupling, for great starting; same system as on our M5, G5 and H5 mags. We've mounted it on a precision billet camchest cover, with these added features unique to Morris Magneto: Cover Mounts to engine with all 10 bolts, not 9, a gear access cover (not a dummy). An oiling system. Canted forward for air cleaner clearance. Now you can eliminate a pile of wires and components if you'd like. Reliable performance with an awesome look! For geared cam rotation. Ask about reverse (chain) if required.

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