NUGINATOR Hammer Stytle Galaxy Grip + Stainless Pollen Press Mold


Nuginator: MF Nebula Gold 1" Puck


The Seven Sins NUGINATOR is an American made hammer style pollen press mold. These press molds are used for numerous of applications where herbs or pollen are condensed into a puck which can then be used as is or placed in a heat press to squeeze out some hyper condensed super potent rosin honey.

The NUGINATOR has a Galaxy grip cylinder shell with stainless press parts. You simply placed your grind-ed herbs or powders into the grip and use a rubber mallet hammer to smash the stainless parts together. You can easily push the stainless parts through the grip. The stainless seals against the grip and the rubber also protects the stainless.

The NUGINATOR comes in all our Galaxy Grip colors but is limited to inventory which is ship ready. You can place a custom request in but please be aware that custom orders can take some time to produce.

We love this item and we hope you do too!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

This is my new favorite puck maker. Now I want to get some different colors! The pieces are made extremely well and the piece is heavy; it just speaks quality all around. I spoke with you guys and you said you were also going to be making storage jars soon; I will for sure grab one of those once available.


Just got the NUGINATOR and have been using it all day. This makes some awesome pucks! I love how simple it is. The rubber exterior is super cool and feels really cool. Fast Shipping!

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