S&S ENGINE OIL 20w50 Premium Synthetic 1Qt





S&S Premium Synthetic engine oil gives your v-twin engine the ultimate in protection. Premium synthetic base stock coupled with the exclusive S&S additive package offers superior lubrication for reduced engine wear and lower oil temperatures. S&S Premium Synthetic engine oil provides consistent viscosity, and resists thermal breakdown and oxidation at elevated temperatures. Exclusive formulation provides the enhanced oxidation protection needed when running ethanol fuels. The best choice for any engine, but a must for performance engines and for engines operated in demanding conditions.

Q: Why should I pay the extra money for synthetic motor oil?
A: Its
a matter of Pay me now, or pay me later. Synthetic motor oil reduces
wear and makes your engine last longer because it does a better job of
lubricating moving engine parts. Since it also stands up better to
mechanical shearing and high temperatures, it maintains its lubricating
properties much longer. To put it simply, synthetic oil lubricates
better right from the getgo, and it keeps on protecting your engine from
the time you pour it in to the next oil change.

Q: Who actually manufactures these lubricants?
A: These products are manufactured exclusively for S&S Cycle by Spectro Oils of Brookfield, CT, USA

Q: Can I run multi-viscosity motor oil in my shovel?
A: Yes! And not just shovels. S&S multiviscosity motor oil can be used in any engine regardless if it has iron cylinders.

Q: Isnt 20w50 thinner than SAE50?
answer is yes, but not really. When its cold, 20w50 is thinner and
flows better than SAE50 at the same temperature. If your engine could
talk, it would thank for using 20W50 instead of SAE50 every time you
start it cold. Multi-viscosity oil flows much better at lower
temperatures, so your engine will get lubrication much quicker than it
would with an equivalent single weight oil. The important thing to
remember is that most of the time your engine is running, its hot, and
20w50 has the same viscosity as SAE50 at operating temperature.

Q: Ive heard that synthetic motor oil is too slippery for the roller bearings in my lower end?
A: Hogwash!

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