Seven Sins Choppers "KNUCKLE-PAN-HEAD" Gasser T-SHIRT


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In 1936 Harley Davidson releases
the 3rd basic type of V-Twin engine called the Knucklehead to replace
the top-of-the-line Flathead VL model. It was named "knucklehead"
because of the unique shape of the rocker boxes. Originally called
"OHV's" the term "Knucklehead"spawned from the 1960's California
chopper culture. A knucklehead engine has round knobs on the cover
resembling knuckles. The knuckle head was replaced in 1948 by the
ultimate Frankenstein Engine in our option would be a Knuckle-Pan-Head, or
Pan-Knuckle, or Pan-Knuckle Pan, whatever you want to call it...its
cool, intriguing, and the shit! Visually its the best of both worlds
for any Harley enthusiast...would it spew oil? sure would and you
would ride it with full we made a tee to honor this

This tee is gas station style like our house zombie tee with our logo on the front left chest area. The engine image is printed on the back of a high quality 100%
vintage black cotton t-shirt with long lasting white plastisol based inks

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