Seven Sins Registration Stash Tube


Stash Tube Hardware: Stainless
Cap Option: Satin Blasted


Seven Sins Choppers Stash Registration Tubes are all individually handmade. Each unit is about 6" long w/ a sleek 1" Diameter (1/8+ thick wall) clear structural glass tube. Each tube is held together with aluminum caps and a stainless threaded bar which is locked in place with stainless or brass hardware (mounting tabs included). There is a thick rubber washer between the cap and tube for moisture and vibration resistance. The Seven Sins Zombie decal is included. Made in USA.

Seven Sins Choppers Original Registration Stash Tube is an ultra classic way to display paper goods or anything suitable. You can showcase your legal documents or art or use it as a creative ornamental piece. The tabs provided allow you to weld the mounts to your application like a motorcycle frame or you can bolt them down.

You can choose to top the assembly off with stainless or brass hardware. You can also choose a polished or satin blasted cap finish.

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