PREORDER : “SK8EYE” Glow Taillight by Seven Sins Choppers


LED Style: Run/Brake Red
My Bracket Thickness: My Mount is 1/8”


Seven Sins Choppers SK8EYE Glow-In-The-Dark Taillight was first made in Sept. 2020. Our unique approach to taillights has always been that of bizarre and beautiful; the SK8EYE is another functional work of art. The SK8EYE is an original that we are adding to our catalog matrix. This taillight is available as a red run/brake light or an amber turn signal. You need to choose a mount bracket length in the options; this is important because it tells us how deep of a bolt you need for proper mounting. So if your bracket is 1/4” thick then you would choose “My mount is 1/4”. If you are getting a Seven Sins Choppers License Plate then the spacing is 5/16".

Each light is handcrafted in a glow skateboard wheel housing with machined internals and a stainless ring locked super bright LED system. The wires are fished out the stainless hardware mounting area for a clean installation. These lights are a perfect compliment for any build and work great on our new forward bend Seven Sins Chopper license plates. You can run them as a single or double then up on each side of your ride or sissy bar. This light is extremely universal in terms of its mounting applications and aesthetics. Sold Individually.

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