SEVEN SINS "SUPER STACK" 1.5" Aluminum Super E/G & CV


Finish: SSC Machined
Hardware: Super Stack Stainless Lock Ring


Seven Sins Choppers "SUPER STACK" Velocity Air Horn is an original take on a classic but we have made some significant changes included about a 30% larger OD bell for looks and proper air flow with not only a stainless mesh screen for keeping insects out of your engine but each stack also has secondary element filtration for finer particulates. The hardware mounting and filters are hidden and all within our shorty style velocity stack. So the overall bell is around 4" and the depth of our SUPER STACK is about 1.187". These suckers (no pun intended) look amazing on classic choppers to modern day Harley's. We can also machine them for other carbs if need but these fit Super E/G or CV's including EFI models that have the CV bolt pattern.

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