Sprocket Brake Kit: Left-Side 50T Polished Caliper


The Sprocket Brake Kit has become a signature item on our bikes,and is appearing ever more frequently on customs from many other top builders. The rear brake and final drive sprocket are combined into one great-looking unit, cleaning up the rear wheel completely. The polished stainless steel sprocket/rotor is coupled with a slick two-piston billet caliper, available in polished aluminum, black anodized or chrome. The kit comes complete with a frame tab and all the necessary mounting hardware. Offered for 3/4" or 1" axle, left-side or right-side drive. With today's huge motors making a chain final-drive a necessity there is no excuse for not running one of these babies!

All our sprocket/rotors are supplied with a standard 1.98" center hole. Some wheels for 1" axles have a larger indexing lip on the hub, but there is no standard size. We will bore the sprocket/rotor center hole to your requested size for an additional
$50. We can bore the center hole as large as 2.5". The Sprocket Brake Kit offers braking performance equivalent to an after-market two-piston caliper with a 10"
rotor, as that is exactly what it is. Although designed for use on rigid and Softail applications, some of our customers have used them successfully with traditional swing-arms. If you are considering this, then the following information may help.

Dimension from outer face of sprocket to outer face of caliper is 1.2". Caliper measures 2.9" across at it's widest point, 3.6" at it's longest point, and is 2.55" from front to back. We are frequently asked whether oil from the chain causes a problem. Firstly, with modern 'O'-ring chains you cannot lube the joints as they are sealed. You
need simply to keep the side-plates clean. Tsubaki even says you can run them dry! Fly-off from the chain is in an outward direction, so contamination only occurs during lubing, if you do lube your chain. If it does, wipe it off. Finally, if some oil makes it onto the braking surface it burns off immediately. In reality, therefore, the
contamination issue does not cause a problem. The Europeans have been using Sprocket Brakes for years. We use RK heavy duty nickel-plated 'O'ring chains on our bikes; great looks, low maintenance.

Our Sprocket Brake Kit uses readily available brake pads and seals.

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