STARTER 1.8kw Tech Cycle


Model: Starter '89-'93 (1/4"-20 Jackshaft)
Finish: Natural
Wireless Starter Button: None


Tech Cycle starter for 1989-2006 models This next-generation 1.8kW starter has a greater stalling torque than our 2.0kW starter with a smaller amperage requirement and a compact size, and you have the new standard in motorcycle starters!

For those hard to fit applications where space is limited; please check out the 1.4kW high torque compact starter that is the same size as a stock H-D starter. Starters are available in a natural, black, or chrome and polished finish. The 2.0kW and 1.8kW starters feature a one-piece mounting plate/gearbox fully CNC machined from 6061-T651 billet aluminum. All starters come with a heavy duty battery cable and connectors.

Tech's wireless starter
button assembly replaces the solenoid end cap and can be used as your
primary starter button, eliminating wiring to the handlebars. It can
also be used as a backup in case of a starter relay problem.

Note: 1.8kW starters are approximately 5/8" longer than a stock H-D starter. 2.0kW starters are approximately 11/4" longer than a stock H-D starter. On some applications, a Tech Cycle oil fill spacer can be used if the length of the starter creates an interference. It may also be necessary to relocate oil lines and wiring on some models.

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