Tech Cycle 5/6-Speed '07-Up H-D Cyclone Open Primary Belt Drive System - 2" or 3" ( '07-Up Softail, '06-Up Dyna, & FL)




Here it is, the one that every '07 Softail and Dyna owner has been waiting for! open primary belt drive system for your '07 Softail and '06-Up Dyna.

Engineered with the same high quality, bullet proof design that you have come to expect from Tech, this unit shares the same features that you'll find standard in most of Tech Cycle's open primary packages. The contoured lines of Tech's primary plate will compliment any Softail or Dyna, and kits are available in 2" and 3" belt widths.

An optional contoured side belt guard is also available, along with a high torque gear reduction starter designed specifically for '07 models with the new 96" motor. Chrome Plating available upon request. Note - The 2007 models need to have the compensator removed.

Looking to set your new H-D apart from the crowd? It's easy when you add a Contoured Primary Belt Drive System to
your ride. A one-piece, fully contoured motor-plate is machined from a solid chunk of billet aluminum and then polished to a high-class shine; throw in our renowned Cyclone Open Primary Belt Drive and you have a winning combination. The contoured lines of the Cyclone System compliment any '07-Up Softail, Dyna, or FL, and is available in 2" and 3" belt widths. Also available is our contoured belt guard system, designed to keep your leg safe and your bike looking great. This guard system can be used in a front/side configuration or a full side configuration. All systems come fully polished.

Front pulley offsets are for the mismatches between motors and transmissions being used . These primary's start with 1/4" and go to 1 1/2" increments of 1/4". Tapered
offset inserts are available in 0, 1/4", 1/2" and 3/4". An offset may also be required if your frame calls out for it or if you are using a fat tire kit.

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