WHEEL KIT 21" x 2.15" Front Spool 40 Spoke / AVON Speedmaster




This Seven Sins combo kit comes with a 21" x 2.15" spool hub wheel for a narrow front end, a classic 3.00 x 21" Avon tire, one inner tube & rim strip. Our kit offerings are a quick fix to speedy shopping at a discounted price. We also have the front axle kits available for these spool wheels. Tire Mounting Service options are now available. If added; this option provides a professional full tire mount and balance service.

Super Narrow Spool Wheel /21" X 2.15" chopper style spool wheel includes chrome hub, a drop center
front rim, 40 chrome spokes, and a 5/8" inner diameter bearings

Hub is 3.25". You can swap out to a 3/4" bearing.

**NOTE: All spokes on wheel need to be inspected and re-torqued after 500 miles of original installation.

Speedmaster MKII (AM6)
Classic ribbed front tyre
Speed rated to 112 mph/180kmh
Curved tread profile and ribbed pattern so
typical of classic bikes

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