Whiskey Throttle Single by Biltwell Black 7/8" Bar




The Biltwell Whiskey throttle is designed for use on custom motorcycles
and is constructed with an investment cast aluminum clamshell assembly
and a CNC-machined alloy grip tube. These precision components give the
well-tuned Biltwell Whiskey throttle its distinctive snap and allow
builders to use a wide range of comfortable rubber grips. Each one
includes throttle housing, throttle tube and 1 set of 4 cable ferrules.
These plated steel ferrules fit threaded or click-in housing ends on
stock Harley cables, or you can use them for custom-built cable

Throttle housing is constructed of investment cast aluminum

Knurled alloy throttle tube accepts aftermarket rubber grips

Cable ferrules supplied fit threaded or click-in style Harley cable housings

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